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T’ai Chi is a Chinese martial art now respected as a low impact exercise that improves both physical and mental abilities. T’ai Chi uses a graceful, rhythmic pattern of breathing, stretching, and continual movement.  According to Harvard Medical School, T’ai Chi offers benefits in the 4 key components of fitness—flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and, to a lesser extent, aerobic conditioning. With its slow, controlled movements, this exercise can also strengthen legs, regulate blood pressure, improve coordination, reduce the effects of stress, and heighten concentration.
Sara Gellhorn teaches all levels of adult students through a comprehensive approach to T’ai Chi.  A passionate and accomplished T’ai Chi Practitioner, Sara holds multiple black belts, is a nationally certified Level 1 Judge, and has won numerous championships.  In her classes, she blends physical, practical, and theoretical elements of the discipline through humor, discussion, application, and demonstration.  Sara is adept at tailoring her lessons to benefit each student in her classes that range broadly in age, ability, and experience.
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